CoDeS Case Hu Hild in West Hungary

How houses can build bridges: perspectives of a school-community collaboration for SD on creating inclusive and empowering learning arenas

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This case is about involving secondary school students taking part in vocational training in reconstructing houses in rural areas in West Hungary. The collaboration was initiated by the school in the 1990’s and since then the network of partners has given a wider scope and a more sopphisticated framework that provides mutual learning between stakeholders representing practically the whole cross-section of the present Hungarian society. We will examine how elements of environmental communication contributed to the sustainability and the success of this collaboration while discovering the main “learning outcomes” for stakeholders.

Edit Lippai

Working Group for Environmental Communication, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary

Mónika Réti

Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development, Budapest, Hungary

More information about the school:

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    More information about the school:

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