CoDeS Case RCE Espoo in Finland

How holistic understanding of wellbeing and sustainable development creates a foundation for a new sustainable model of society in Espoo “Sustainability in community practices

The purpose of the RCE Espoo is to tackle the problems identified as challenges in the region and contribute to the promotion of ESD both locally, regionally and globally.  RCE Espoo also engages all the people of Espoo towards sustainable future by lifelong learning and effective change of sustainable ways of ways of acting, being, living, caring, working, affecting and enjoying. The membership in the network requires will and faith to work for a more sustainable future. The RCE Espoo was developed collaboratively by the Educational and Cultural Services Social and Health Services and Technical and Environment Services in the City of Espoo, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Omnia (Joint Authority of Education in Espoo) as well as several private businesses and associations.

Anna Maaria Nuutinen

Member of the R&D Group for Sustainability in the Department of Teacher Education (University of Helsinki).

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