CoDeS Case Bayston Hill in UK

Bike it!

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Bike It is a national programme sponsored by Sustrans, a U.K. charity that focuses on sustainable methods of transportation. Now in its fourth year, a number of key partners and stakeholders all collaborated to establish the Bike It initiative  within Shropshire Local Council, Bayston Hill Parish Council, Bayston Hill Community and Oakmeadow Primary School. This case study examines how Oakmeadow Primary School actively participated in the collaboration which introduced cleaner, healthier and cheaper modes of transport when travelling to school. It evaluates the strengths and value of the Bike It Officer’s role, and the important link the officer played in ensuring the continuing development of engaging the school and community in working to change travel habits to school. Through consultation, bikes became the preferred mode of transport to and from school, thus increasing the zero-carbon journeys to school.


Jacky  Burnell

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