CoDeS Case Budapest in Hungary

Environmental science in the dormitory

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This case is interesting because it shows how we can suit environmental education and sustainability thinking into a pedagogical program of a dormitory which originally has got a profile in economics. Since 1985 environmental science is incorporated into the educational methods and the local curriculum of the institute. A network with a range of external partners, for example the museums in Budapest was built up gradually.

Environmental education is driven by study circles within the dormitory. Activity can be checked week by week in the Yearly Educational Plan that includes daily or weekly projects as well as projects that continuously determine the everyday life of the dorm, e.g. selective waste collection, healthy diet, caring of plants, greening the environment, environmental protection, analysis of rain-water, knowledge of homeland (including wildlife of different regions and their protection) –  all of them on the 3rd floor’s corridor of a downtown school-building with 0 € budget.

Joint activities address the economic factors and challenge for community-building as well.

In terms of science learning, it is also a nice exemplar of inquiry based approach, which is also rare in Hungary at the moment.


Edit Lippai

Workgroup for Environmental Communication, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

 Mónika Réti

Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and development, Budapest representing Hungarian Research Teachers’ Association


case provider: Edit Lippai, she was school-psychologist and teacher for 8 years in Szent István Economical High School, Budapest, Hungary

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