CoDeS Case Lucca in Italy

Teenergy schools: European funds, national expertise, local participation

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The focus of the collaboration was the dissemination of a responsible behaviours toward energy consumption within a MED project called “Teenergy Schools”.  The Province of Lucca, with the support of Legambiente, has contacted  three high schools and has proposed  a short training plan in which the students were asked to contribute to the  “Teenergy Schools” pilot projects, offering their own proposals and ideas. Not only energy but many different aspects of SD has been touched, since teaching to students and teachers how  to improve their behaviours for a correct use of energy in schools implies, obviously, also an attention to social, economic and environmental issues.

The schools were public high, schools (a first one with about 1400 students, a second one with 640 and a third with 400). The schools are situated in different geographical areas: one in Lucca center, so in a urban area, with a sufficient attention to  environmental issues, as for example    separate waste collection. The other two schools are situated in a mountain area where the attention towards natural resources is deeper, and  the students are aware of the natural heritage they are surrounded by and of the necessity to preserve it.

The schools buildings have been constructed in the 70ies, without any energy efficiency criteria, and are now  interested by a restoration financed by the Province of Lucca which has the duty to care about them. The restoration concerns some infrastructural intervention to improve isolation and the application of some new technologies related to electric devices.

Teachers were facilitating the lessons and the activities animated by representatives of Lucca Province and Legambiente. Students were actively involved and applied the information received both at home and at school, and in the preparation for the  final ‘prize’.  For each school three group of 20 students, 17 years old,  have been involved.


Monica Lazzaroni

Francesca Lazzari


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