CoDeS Case Viladrau in Catalonia

From spring to spring. We learn from water

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It’s a main objective to open to the participation of the community encouraging the knowledge, the research and the action in the own environment and the society’s own reality. The springs as a social value and water as a natural resource, to promote education for a sustainable use: the knowledge of the natural environment from an environmental vision at the classroom and in the street; so it allows us to recover and appreciate our heritage.
Schools which add to the project choose one or more springs of their municipality to study. It’s a proposal that looks for the participation, encouraging the knowledge, the research and the action over the own environment and their own reality.



Nuria Canals, degree in Environmental Sciences. Environmental educator at SL, Catalunya –

Lluís Pagespetit, degree in Pedagogy. Director at SL and President at Vincles Foundation, Catalunya. –

Vall del Ges, Oris i Bisaura’s permanent training seminary teacher.

SCEA – Catalan Environmental Education Society –

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