CoDeS Case A21 in Catalonia

Turull Forest Environmental Classroom, an equipment that promotes networking in the territory in a neighborhood of Barcelona

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The experience has been to transform a practically disused municipal plot of land (with abandoned areas and precarious buildings) into a space for the protection and improvement of urban biodiversity and a new facility for environmental education.

There is a range of interests from the people of the neighbourhood and a wide variety of local groups: pensioners (urban vegetable plots), educational centres, work training centres, associations and organisations (protection, study and conservation of natural heritage; neighbours associations, protection of animals, outdoor education, consumers’ cooperatives), etc.

The experience presented here is progressive because it has created new expectations and new social links centred around urban sustainability: the importance of the food, knowledge of the natural surroundings, educational activity, woodland improvement tasks and biodiversity conservation, inter-generational relations and networking, etc.

GuiaApropatTurull 027

Mireia Abril

Laia Capdevila Secretaria tècnica de l’Agenda 21 Escolar de Barcelona.

Agenda 21 escolar Barcelona

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