CoDeS Case Geleen, in Holland

The OPEDUCA Project – Flight for Knowledge

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In the Netherlands,  40 pilot schools are working with Flight for Knowledge in daily practice. Teachers and pupils co-construct their own mindmaps, leading to sub-themes on a range of levels for which they contact ‘Knowledge Partners’ from private industry, bridging the worlds of schooling and work, as well as from governmental institutions and science. Step by step they open their own ‘Open Educational Region’ (OPEDUCA) through which in- and out of school learning merge into one dynamic, challenging and realistic learning space. Teachers proof over and over again that it is very well possible and desirable to construct each Flight for Knowledge in such a way that it is fully curriculum proof. Now facing a most challenging practice of pupils asking for much more than that.

Involving individual youngsters, groups of pupils, students and their teachers, will realize a true peer-to-peer learning community across worlds’ continents. Positioning and empowering youngsters as world citizens, basing their actions and values in local community and having the world within their reach. Pupils and students no longer being pushed to learn, but invited to develop.



Luc Goossens

RCE Rhine-Meuse, The Netherlands


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