How to get your CoDeS case blog


1st Step. If you want us to create your codes case blog, you have to send an e-mail to and to with the following information:

 Your name and your institution. You will be administrator of the blog jointly with us.

  1. An address for your blog. We will create a blog in wordpress. We suggest that it will be “codes + name of the community” or “codes+name of the institution”. For example, if the community is “Sant Cugat” then the address is “”. Don’t write the name of your country, because there is more than one case for every country.
  2. A photo or some photos for the Header. It has to be a rectangular image and as big as possible.
  3. The logo of your Institution


2nd step. With this information, we will open a gmail account and a wordpress blog with the following actions:

 We will open the main pages of the blog, one for each of the following sections “Focus”, one for “School”, one for “Community”, one for “Collaboration”, one for “Tools”, and one for “Value”.

  1. We will create a Tagline, with the title of the case.
  2. We will create a menu with links.
  3. We will upload the abstract in the, and we will relate some categories in each abstract.
  4. We will create two new administrators of the blog in addition to you, so we can help you in the process.
  5. When we will finish, we will send you an e-mail with the link of codes case blog, with the username and the password to enter in the wordpress blog.


3rd step. You can help us to enrich the blog by making it bilingual and write more information.

  1. If you want to create a bilingual page, with your own language, you can send us the translation of the four pages text. Please, be sure that we will be able to find the name of every section in the poster Guidelines: “Focus”, “School”, “Community”, “Collaboration”, “Tools”, and “Value”.
  2. Increase the information:  The blog is not a closed narrative but an open one. You can add information, pictures, or videos whenever you want.

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